101 Ways by Dennis Toh

Self-help book series for greater success.

About the Author


A helpful resource from a PR practitioner who lives and breathes publicity. Learn the art and science of publicity from this enterprising professional 

Sue Lou, Manager, Partnership Development, School of Business, Temasek Polytechnic

Very Informative and useful knowledge for me. Dennis has been conscientious in managing his personal image. I believe the book will benefit his readers.

William Tan, Client Service Manager, My Fat Pocket/Lifestyle Blogger and Influencer

Dennis has been successful in getting lots of publicity for himself. I am excited to read what he has written in his new book! Wishing you success!

Serene Ng, Director of Lee Na Young Aesthetics & Academy / Hairplus Nano Hair Technology Founder

Dennis brings an entrepreneur mindset to everything he does. He has the gift of seeing possibilities for publicity where none exists

Lily Lim, Senior Lecturer, Temasek Polytechnic, AMIPRS

' I'm sure Dennis has done great work. He wasn't only a professor but also a friend who always supported students and made sure the best in them came out. His teaching inspired me to take an Honours Program in Marketing at Curtin University. Really glad to have met him!'

Vishal Thirumalaisami, Graduand of Curtin University

Mr Dennis Toh had demonstrated as one of the most inspiring lecturer i have met and who never fails to dedicate his efforts and passion in coaching us. I am grateful for his teachings which are very innovative and applicable for the current working environments. His coaching and his lessons are definitely helping me to gain more confidence to step into a different industry and career path in the public relation sector. 

Diana Wang

As an aspiring PR practitioner, I was blown away by the depth and details on exactly what one can do to gain publicity. Filled with useful tips and tricks and written in an easy to understand format, this book is definitely worth the read for aspiring practitioners. 

Karisma Zulkifli, PR Undergraduate

Dennis Toh