Suitable for :


Corporate executives looking to enhance their profile and secure a more senior position.

Partners and associates who understand the importance of personal brand to attract and retain business.

Executives with ‘business development’ as a key part of their role.

Business owners and founders looking to raise the profile of their business for customer growth, recruitment or capital raising.

Professionals looking to transition careers or organisations and need to elevate their profile or build a bridge to a different position.

Actors, influencers, entrepreneurs, politicians who are looking to increase their visibility on the public and media domain.


Snag Publicity for Greater Success – 1 Day COURSE

Have you ever wondered why everyone is not successful if all of us have the potential to be exceptionally good at something? It certainly boggles the mind and makes us ponder on the unfairness of the situation.  

This theory applies to everyone and everything; on all the products that are remarkable, all the businesses that are extraordinary, and all the individuals who are brilliant.

Why aren’t more people aware of them?

Why are they not getting the attention and respect they deserve?

Why would people even think of depriving themselves of such lucky things?   

The answer to all of these questions is painfully obvious. It’s because these people and these businesses haven’t done their marketing right. They have missed out on one key component, and that is publicity.  

The command to not hide your light under a bushel is true for every business and every individual out there.  

It’s impossible for any trade, big or small, to survive without publicity. Nor can anyone get to the position they want without publicizing themselves. After all, it is one of the key components of marketing strategies. Without it, the marketing plan would be highly lacking.

As we get caught in our hectic schedules, we often neglect the need to position ourselves favorably in the eyes of our stakeholders and key collaborators.  While we are successful in all our own craft, we failed to build on our personal profile and branding in the long run.

As an aspiring professional, influencer, student or entertainer who is working towards finding more success in life, getting the right amount of publicity in the public & media domain is of paramount importance. With the increased interest in social media, we are also seeing more opportunities to snag additional publicity from this platform.

So how should we get more publicity amidst our busy schedule? Dennis Toh will share his tips on how you can snag more publicity for yourself and/or business; both to increase your brand equity & to find opportunities to catapult yourself to further stardom.


After this course, you will be able to:

Identify clear personal and promotional objectives and map out a plan that will achieve those goals. 

Understand what makes great content. Identify your signature topic, develop your voice and learn how to establish yourself as a thought leader. 

Create and/or edit an ideal professional bio for use across all your personal brand endeavours.

Set-up and leverage online networks that are relevant to you including LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to amplify your message.

Understand how media works and how to position yourself as a go to person for journalists.

Understand how to leverage your personal brand to support your professional career objectives. 

Understand how to collaborate with Influencers to better publicise your brand messages.  

Understand how some well-known celebrities and business magnates have found success in leveraging on their personal brand. 

Understand the importance of brand management in times of crisis.

Understand key strategies and tactics to secure powerful publicity for your business  or personal brand.


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